Kajol says there are too many things that make you a bad mom

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Kajol says – “If you don’t cook for your child, go to pick up your child from school, you’re a bad mother if you don’t attend one PTA meeting, you’re a bad mother… So there are too many things that make you a bad mom and not enough that makes you a good mom.”

She further adds – “I always look at them with this awe, I really don’t know how they manage to make it look so effortless!” The mother of two, Nysa and Yug Devgan, revealed that even if you ask the kids, “It’s never about ‘oh you don’t love me enough’. You just have to convince your parent that you love them enough and that they make up your world.”

Actress Kajol shares – “The only thing a parenting book will teach you is to tie a nappy! Not how to wash the bum, or pick up your child when she’s crying”. As for one tip, she’d like to share with all parents, she reveals that it would be to do parenting their own way as nobody knows how to go about it anyway!

The actress also shared the biggest learning she took home from her mother-actress Tanuja. “The most important thing she passed down to me was that you have to make your children think for themselves. That led to everything. They have to learn how to make their own decisions and find out whether they can live with the consequence or not,” she said adding that it would be the only way for children to know whether this decision was the correct one for them.

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