Jasmin Bhasin replies to Eijaz Khan’s “30 saal ki bacchi”

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Jasmin Bhasin
Jasmin Bhasin and Eijaz Khan have been under an up and down relationship since they came across in Bigg Boss 14. Eijaz Khan has always been seen saying that Jasmin Bhasin tends to make fun of him. While on the other hand  Jasmin believes that she has never been disrespectful to Eijaz Khan. She also apologizes for if by and chance Eijaz feels like she did hurt his sentiments in any scenario. But Eijaz Khan never been on the fact to accept her apology and Jasmin and Eijaz are still continuing with the huge havocs. Their fights started occurring simultaneously  after all the competition to win the nomination task starts.

The house did divide into two different teams and they were all gearing up for the task to win over. After all this, some ugly comments started exchanging between Jasmin and Eijaz Khan. They both started throwing ugly comments to each other. Eijaz Khan calls Jasmin as “30 saal ki bacchi” to which Jasmin reacts and burst out. While after all this happens, Jasmine says that Eijaz Khan is fake being a 45 old year man and always acts fake on the show. They both starts sending nasty comments to each other which later grew into a fight to after a stance.

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