In Saharanpur, a truck and trolley collision, injuring six Kanwariya

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On Thursday, a truck and a trolley collided in the Khatauli neighbourhood close to the Saharanpur region of Uttar Pradesh, injuring 12 Kanwariyas. Thankfully, the impact didn’t happen too quickly. The trolley, however, flipped after being struck by the truck. After the event, the truck’s driver got out and ran away. The incident happened close to the village of Katiauli, according to authorities. According to Pradeep Sherawat, the in-charge of the Allahganj police station. The Kanwariyas had filled themselves on water from the Ganga and were travelling to Gola Gokaran Nath. A tractor trolley was struck by a speeding truck on the road near the village of Katiauli.

According to the police, the vehicle struck one of the two trolleys from the side while they were both attached to the tractor. After the crash, the truck driver sped away from the scene. Sherawat claims that the injured were removed from under the trolley by the police and the people, who then hurried them to the hospital. He claimed that additional Kanwariyas had been dispatched on a journey.

Let us know that the police fixed separate pathways before Sawan ever started in order to prevent any trouble for the Kanwariyas. The roadway had been blocked off by police, who had also established a separate line of Kanwariyas. Even after this, there are still infrequent instances of mishaps involving the Kanwariyas. The Kanwariyas were recently hit by a truck in UP, and six of them died as a result.

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