Google and Apple remove BGMI from their app stores once it is prohibited in India

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BGMI Banned in India

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) was initially playable on the iOS App Store when AFK Gaming checked it up at roughly 7.30 pm IST on July 28th, following BGMI’s withdrawal from the Play Store. However, BGMI has also been taken off from the iOS App store almost an hour and a half later. Notably, NEW STATE Mobile, Krafton’s other mobile Battle Royale game, is still accessible for download.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), maybe the most well-known mobile game in India, has been taken down from the local Google Play Store. At this time, the removal’s causes remain unknown. The Android version of Krafton’s second mobile Battle Royale game, NEW STATE Mobile, is still downloadable.

Unexpected removal of BGMI from the Google Play Store

Many BGMI players from all around the nation are shocked to learn that BGMI has unintentionally been taken down from the Google Play Store. A recent in-game performance was held thanks to a collaboration between the game and the K-Pop group Black Pink.

When an Android user searches for BGMI on the platform’s native app store, no search results are shown to them.

Existing players, however, are still able to play the game without any problems as long as they have the game installed on their Android devices.

Players using iOS devices can still access Krafton’s flagship game for India, so there doesn’t appear to be a technical problem with BGMI. Many suspicions and conjectures have surfaced online in response to BGMI’s abrupt disappearance, with some gamers claiming that the game has been outlawed in the nation.

As of right now, neither Krafton nor Google have provided any information regarding the reasons behind the removal of BGMI from the Play Store. At the time of writing, the developers have not yet commented on the situation on their social media accounts.


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