Haunted Hills: Actress Diana Khan ‘missing’ from the promotion of her film ‘Haunted Hills’

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Haunted Hills film poster
Haunted Hills film poster

The soon to be released horror film ‘Haunted Hills’ has been cleared by the film’s heroine Diana Khan. However, she has not given any reason for doing this to the film makers. ‘Haunted Hills’ is directed by Sanjeev Kumar Rajput.

Diana Khan is famous actress who last appeared in the film ‘Ghayal Once Again’. Apart from this, she has also worked in TV serials. Diana will be seen in the lead role in ‘Haunted Hills’.

The lead character of Haunted Hills and the film’s hero Zuber K. Khan sharing the news of Diana Khan’s non-cooperation for promotions, Khan said, “We have requested Diana Khan to cooperate in promoting the film, citing the tireless work done for the film. But Diana has something else to say in this regard. During a conversation that was going on once, she said clearly that she will not promote this film. When she was asked the reason for this, she advised me to stay away from this issue. “

On this issue, the director of the film Sanjeev Kumar Rajput says, “In today’s time, content marketing and promotion of a film is very important. To promote any film, the support of the actors and team working in it is very important. In such a situation, we are having a lot of trouble with Diana Khan’s decision not to promote the film. “

So tell me what can be thought of in such a situation? Is this a trick or is Diana Khan blackmailing the director of the film, Sanjeev Kumar Rajput?

It is noteworthy that the film’s team is very optimistic about the success of a unique horror film like ‘Haunted Hills’ and is not at all bothered about non-cooperation in the promotion. The film will be released nationwide on 28 February in a very brilliant style while the trailer of the film is releasing tomorrow on 13th of Feb 2020 with the music label Red Ribbon.

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