Engineers are laying lines for parking attendant jobs due to unemployment

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The unemployment situation among the engineer degree holders in Chennai is very poor. The situation is that people with higher education are ready to do any job. Their aim is so that they can somehow join the working class, where jobs are very less and the number of applicants is very large.

According to The Hindu report, 1400 candidates in Chennai had applied for the job of parking attendant. Among these candidates, more than 70 percent were those who have graduated and more than 50 percent have an engineering degree. Let us tell you that the educational qualification SSLC (Secondary School Living Certificate) was sought for the job of parking attendant. SSLC certificate is obtained after passing 10th.

Till now the 10th pass people who were retired from the army were working as parking attendants, but now engineering degree holders will be seen arranging parking from Monday.

The comments
Talking about the worrying situation of the job, one candidate said “I have done civil engineering. I do not have a job because of the situation in real estate industry”.

Let us tell you that about one thousand people have been hired for the job of parking attendant, most of whom are engineers. This situation is enough to tell how bad and hopeless the conditions are in the case of unemployment.

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