Guru Randhawa Birthday: A flop singer’s success story will make you cry !

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Guru Randhawa birthday

We know that today is the birthday of Guru Randhawa a famous Indian singer. Guru Randhawa has made his place in audience’s hearts with beautiful voice and charming look. He has been 29 years old today and is ruling the hearts of music lovers. Randhawa  started his singing career by performing in parties.

Well, Singer who is worldwide famous by his stage name Guru Randhawa, has actually a different name in Gov IDs. Very few people know that his real name is Gursharanjot Singh Randhawa. Guru Randhawa keeps his audience entertain always by releasing new songs.

29 years old Guru Randhawa was born in Gurdaspur in Punjab. Randhawa found no scope in Punjab and went to Delhi for preparing himself for music. There he also continued to complete his MBA. Starting his career in 2012, he released his first song ‘Same Girl’. The song became flop. Still he did not give up and continued working hard.

Later he planned for his second song. His second song ‘Chad Gayi’ also could not get him the fame he wanted. Guru became so disappointed after his second song got flopped. Randhawa then thought for releasing his album. But he was not so financially strong that he could afford the budget of an album. His brother helped him making the album album ‘Peg One’. The album was released in 2013 but it also could not do well as Randhawa expected.


Guru Randhawa was talented but still he was not getting the fame he deserved. After his continuous hard work, he met one of the top rappers named Bohemia. Rapper Bohemia found his so much talented but gave him the chance. They both later was seen in the song ‘Patola’. The song gave him the recognition he wanted. And later he continued giving beautiful songs.

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