GLUON ELECTRICAL born to save your electricity and mother earth by actor Sanjeev Pandey

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Gluon Fan by Sanjeev Pandey

It is undeniable that COVID-19, or to be more specific, the restrictions that have been imposed upon us due to COVID-19, have had a massive effect on almost all professions. Film & Television industry is worst effected as this profession, can not be served from home. Big units work together in studios.

Sadly, some have suffered catastrophically but some have flourished despite everything. Here we have success story of an well known Actor Sanjeev Pandey, where you can find out a little more how he bucked the trend and overcome the obstacles that have been thrown in front of him.

Gluon fan by Sanjeev andeySanjeev Pandey has been a full-time actor for many years and has performed in almost all kind of Platforms like Television, OTT,Films,Theatre, AD Films etc. His recent Film is THE BIG BULL Starring ABHISHEK BACHCHAN.
As a member of the extremely hard-hit entertainment industry, it would have been easy for him to succumb to the effects of lockdown. He didn’t. Instead, he has worked tirelessly on a  project which was his favorite subject in college days, BLDC CEILING FAN. Sanjeev took this idea to another level when he spend all his lockdown period in designing a ceiling fan which can save almost 60 % ELECTRICITY and save our PLANET  EARTH from GLOBAL WARMING. This FAN was simply astounding  which has been certified with 5 STAR RATING FROM MINISTRY OF POWER, BUREAU OF ENERGY EFFICIENCY GOVT OF INDIA.  His brand GLUON has been recognized as a STARTUP from MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY.

Sanjeev became emotional while narrating his situations during lockdown, how his flat owner misbehaved for rent in Mumbai and he was reluctant to leave Mumbai, when he started getting recognition in Industry after a long Struggle. But we felt The satisfaction on his face when we talk about GLUON ELECTRICAL . He also informed us that he is looking for investors to get his brand across INDIA. He also confirmed that AMAZON has assured to launch his brand GLUON ELECTRICAL on AMAZON LAUNCHPAD.

For more positive news stay tuned.

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