Aaditya Pratap Singh says corona has caused a huge loss to the film industry

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Aaditya Pratap Singh
Producer Aaditya Pratap Singh

Aaditya Pratap Singh is a film actor, film director and film producer. He believes that the industry which has been affected the most due to Coronavirus, is none other than the film industry itself. The trade of films is directly related to the audience. As soon as the arrival of Corona, all the people were locked in the houses and the theaters were locked. This was the first stage when the cinema began to suffer damage.

Aaditya Pratap Singh says that during the shooting of a film, web-series, TV serial or other there is a large amount of people staying on the set. Because of which the shooting was also banned by the government. Let us tell you that many people became unemployed after the shooting stopped, in which many artists exist from the spot people.

Looking at the damage done to the film industry, film producer Aaditya says that as much as possible, he must help the artists and people related to the film industry. Let us tell you that Aditya’s father Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh was also a good film maker who died last year. The duo of Aaditya and his father was very famous in the film Making.

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