Fitpreneur Mohit shares the secret behind his success to Young Generation

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Fitpreneur Mohit
Fitpreneur Mohit

Most of us spend our life in the dilemma of what we want to do in life. Some of us left behind with a handful number of career options such as doctors, engineers, professors, civil services, etc.

In the chaos of this rat race situation we forget to listen to our health, but Fitpreneur Mohit thought out of the box. His determination has brought tremendous success to his life which seems to be unachievable to the mass at this age.

  1. Sir, we all know about your success as a fitness lover. What are the other specialties you have beside being Fitpreneur Mohit?

I am from Aurangabad, the city of gates and brought up in the Jain family. I am a fitness freak as well as the founder of Starbuzz Digimark, a social media marketing agency. I have done my MBA in marketing and turned out to be a social media marketer. My family business, Arihant Gold Palace, a jewelry showroom also comes under my responsibilities.

  1. What are your life goals?

I am on a mission to help at least 100,000 people to be Fitpreneur and fitness influencers. In this digital world we miss out the importance to stay healthy and fit for better life attainments. Fitness and wealth has always been at the top of my priority list as I believe that we need both to prosper in our life. Without the pure support of your health you cannot enjoy your luxuries earned by your wealth.

I am Fitpreneur Mohit. I want to become a millionaire by the age of 30, and that is my utmost purpose right now.

  1. What is your age now?

I born on 30th October, 1994. I’m almost 26 years old now.

  1. Fitpreneur Mohit is such an inspiration for the new generation. At this age very few people keep this mindset. Who is your inspiration?

I am highly inspired by Arvin Lal, CEO and Founder of Shredz Supplements. His work motivated me to become Fitpreneur Mohit.

His lifestyle influenced my interest towards fitness and responsibility to inspire budding entrepreneurs.

Although my father has been my constant inspiration regarding my success. He is black belt Karate Master, and a fortunate businessman having three jewelry showrooms of gold and silver ornaments in Aurangabad City.

I learn from all the successful people surrounding me who are passionate about fitness and entrepreneurship.

  1. Please tell us about your fitness journey. We want to know the path which you have crossed to become Fitpreneur Mohit.

My dad is my actual hero. He planted the seed of competence in my mind when I was only 4 years old. He used to take me to the gym, where he would do the Hindu Pushups while me sitting on his back. When I was 14 years old, my dad took the authority of my fitness seriously. I used to be a sick child, but my father did not accept the fact. Every morning around 5 o’Clock we would go out for jogging to the nearby park, and he would make me to do 100 pushups, 100 squats and 100 surya-namaskar daily. His constant accompany helped me to flourish in life.

During 11th and 12th standard I went through a difficult time. Lack of motivation towards academics and other activities turned out to be the main cause behind my frustration as well as depression. My friend circle got reduced and grades continued to decline. The darkest time of my life assisted to find out the ray of hope in the midst of uncertainty. I decided to make myself worthy enough as a source of inspiration to others instead of looking back and regret.

The mindset of becoming Fitpreneur Mohit established in the worst phase of my existence. After 12th I joined gym, and have been working out since then. As I belong to Jain family I am a pure vegetarian, but I never compromised on my health. I eat paneer as source of protein and I want people to believe that determination of having a good physique can be achieved even if you are a vegetarian. My book, ‘Now stay fit on vegetarian Diet’ is a perfect guide for all my vegetarian friends who  do not want to spend loads of money on dieticians and trainers, but still want to be fit by loosing or gaining weight. Fitpreneur Mohit is always there to help you out by choosing the best food charts and exercises for you as he says, “stay fit, stay healthy and happy.”


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