Film Dhananjay in 2021, would be announced by Akhil Parashar, the director of the film

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Film Dhananjay 2021 film
The Poster of the film Dhananjay

Many films were discontinued in the year 2020, so many films could not even be announced due to Coronavirus. The first announcement to be made in 2021 will be the film Dhananjay which will be directed by Akhil Parashar. The film Dhananjay has been planned since last year but due to Corona epidemic, the film could not be announced last year.

Let me tell you that in the film, actor Neel Motwani and actress Meera Sarang along with Zuber K. Khan and Agni Chaudhary are going to be seen playing the lead characters. According to the film’s writer and director Akhil Parashar, the film is a political crime thriller full of suspense. He told that on January 5, he is going to announce the film to the media in Mumbai. In which almost all the main actors and team members of his film will be present.

In the film Dhananjay, apart from Neel Motwani and Meena Sarang, Zuber K. Khan, Agni Chaudhary, actors like Ashmit Patel, Shahbaaz Khan, Abhilash Chaudhry are also going to appear in important roles. There is information that the film’s casting director Sameer Chahar is also going to play an important character in the film, which will make his debut as an actor. The film’s D.O.P is Vidya Nath Bhartiya, while the music is by Shehzada Yuvraj. The film is going to go on the shooting floor soon.

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