Dia Mirza says let’s resolve the problem and become better citizens

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Dia mirza

Dia Mirza is an environmental activist along with being a versatile actress. She recently talks about climate change and says – “The last few years have clearly signalled that actions have consequences. And if the spate of natural disasters and the pandemic itself has taught us anything. It is that we need to reconsider the way we treat nature and the way we live”

Dia Mirza further continues – “In 2021, let us resolve to become better citizens of our planet with our choices. We all have a part to play in helping the earth heal. And it is not very difficult to make a small change today that will collectively and positively impact our future in the only home that we have ever known”.

When asked about her new year resolutions, she says – “Just one positive resolution can have a far-reaching impact on the well-being of Mother Earth but five can be potentially transformative. Taking showers that last less than five minutes reduces wastage of water. And reminds us that it is not an inexhaustible resource. We must refuse all single use plastics. We should segregate and compost waste at home as this not only makes the job of sanitation workers easy. It makes you aware of how much waste is being generated in a household, how much can be recycled, composted, is bio-degradable and how much is headed towards a landfill”.

She concludes by saying – “Just a little bit of research online can show us where we can buy bamboo toothbrushes, organic cleaning and washing liquids and more. Also, reduce consumption. Whatever that item may be, clothes/food/gadgets, ask yourself, ‘do I really need this?”

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