Rana Daggubati states – Family and Career Helped me get back to Life

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Rana Daggubati

Rana Daggubati is a veteran actor. He says about Samantha Akkineni‘s show Sam Jam and praises it. While on Aha Show he tells the story and recall the moments when doctor diagnosed him with kidney failure. Doctors also told that he is suffering from  heart complications. Rana says that it was a pause for his life at that stint.

Rana Daggubati says that while he was shooting for Aranya, amid that the requirement was to undergo Lasik surgery for the use of different lens. He says that when he came to know about this, he thought of seeking medical guidance. When the operation was about to happen, the pre diagnosis took place. The doctors said that they cannot let him appear for the surgery in such conditions.

After that, under doctor’s guidance he was referred to another hospital. Rana Daggubati still remembers the setback and all around it. He recalled that he had to appear in a hospital at united states. While he was all set to have the surgery, doctors stated that he is suffering from high blood pressure since his birth. The blood pressure recorded at 220/190. Doctors confronted that it is the only reason behind the complications he have been suffering. He could not understand about what all was going around. It made him stuck for an instance.

While he was telling all this to the audience, Samantha Akkineni interrupted Rana Daggubati and asked audience to acknowledge the good part of the him. She stated that it was a heartbreaking incident still he is having a smile while narrating it to you all.

Rana Daggubati says he got his inspiration from one the populous characters of Avengers. He says that for him Thanos was his only inspiration to fight back and standalone in such terrible situation.

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