Exclusive Interview with film producer, singer and writer Satyavan Chandrakant Naik, his upcoming film Sirf Money will be released soon

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Satyavan Chandrakant NaikSatyavan Chandrakant Naik: Nowadays many films are releasing in Bollywood, but only a few films are able to make their place among the audience. Let us tell you that film producer Satyavan Chandrakant Naik has made one such film which the audience is going to like very much. Actually, the Film Sirf Money is based on a topic which is seen a lot in Bollywood nowadays.

Exclusive conversation with film producer Satyavan Chandrakant Naik

Film Sirf Money Satyavan Chandrakant Naik In a special media interview with Goa-based producer Satyavan Chandrakant Naik, he told how the idea of ​​making the film ‘Sirf Money’ came to his mind. Producer Naik says, “After the lockdown, the work of the film industry almost came to a standstill, due to which many artists were facing a lot of problems. Seeing the difficulties of the artists, I made a small effort by which I could help some artists by giving them work. The film Sirf Money is very deep film. The film showed how there are positive as well as negative people in the film industry. Me and my team worked very hard in making the film Sirf Money, so I will appeal to the audience that when we release this film, then you should watch it and give your love.”

About the movie ‘Sirf Money’

Let us tell you that the producer of the film is Satyavan Chandrakant Naik. The film is directed by Jeetendra Vasudha Keer. Let us tell you that there are many well-known Bollywood actors in the film. The film will be released in film festivals very soon.

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