Directing my husband’s biopic film is most challenging task of my life, says Dr Pragati Agarwal

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Ajay Wardhan Film Pragati AgarwalAjay Wardhan: The making of a Bollywood film is indeed a challenging task and becomes even more difficult if it is done by a professional doctor. But one such successful example is presented by Dr Pragati Agarwal of Max Dent Tricity Dental Hospital. The film Ajay Wardhan, which is going to be released on November 4, is a film based on the life journey of India’s famous doctor Ajay Aryan. Let us tell you that this film has been directed by Dr Pragati Agarwal, wife of Ajay Aryan.

Dr. PRAGATI AGARWAL told that the production of this film Ajay Wardhan was the most challenging task of her life. When it came to the production of this film, the entire team selected Dr Pragati to direct this film. Because she, being a wife, could present the life journey of Dr. Ajay closely through the film. For this film, she gathered cinema research and technical information for several months.

All the actors including Bollywood Romil Chaudhary performed well

The director of the film, Dr Pragati told that the famous face of Bigg Boss 12 Romil Chaudhary will be seen in the lead role of the film. Romil Chaudhary understood the character of Dr. Ajay closely and did a successful performance of showing this character in real form. Apart from him, all the actors like Priya Sharma, Abhimanyu Aryan, Yogesh, Rampal Yadav, Dimple Sharma have performed well in the film.

Film Ajay Vardhan shot in Himachal including Haryana, Punjab

The filmmakers told that it took almost 1 year to make this film. Hard work was done by the whole team. Mainly cinematographer Yuvraj Indoria, editor Priya Gupta, Shubham Srivastava, music composer Monty Sharma, whole the team gave full cooperation in the production of the film. The film was shot in many areas of Himachal Pradesh including Haryana, Punjab.

Let us tell you that this film has been produced under the banner of the Prasidh Eklavya Entertainment. Pragati Agarwal thanked the director Dushyant Pratap Singh and said that his long experience in Bollywood has proved to be a boon for our film. Dushyant Pratap Singh is working as Super Vision Director in this film, as well as he has also handled the distribution of this film through his company Dushyant Corporation.

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