Deepak Saraswat – An example of humanity

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The Corona epidemic has caused a furor in the entire country, where the workers were in the lock down since March, where they left their places. The impact was such that the workers walked hundreds of kilometres towards their homes by feet. In such a situation, many government and social organizations came forward to help the poor and laborers. In such a situation, a well-known social worker and film businessman Deepak Saraswat did this, which became the example of humanity today.

Poor laborers and beggars wandering in Andheri, Malad, Goregaon based in Mumbai, who had a difficult time drinking food, Deepak Saraswat and his team set up camps for the first 2 weeks at Goregaon and Malad station, at different places. Action, then appealed to many social organizations and individual people for help in eating and drinking. Today there are about 200 laborers trapped in those camps, which are being arranged to send to their respective states. In this relief work, Saraswat tells that he has also set up a private deposit of money this year so that no laborer brothers will go hungry.

In this way, Deepak Saraswat has done many tasks of social service in the past as well, someone was unjust or someone was badly disturbed, Saraswat appeared to help him. He also has a Facebook page called “Deepak Saraswat Awaaz Hindustan Ki” on social media, which is also followed by millions. With reference to social media and website, some social acts were known – Over 1500 girl students trained in self defense and self esteem (2019), 54 women driven out of prostitution and motivated self-employment (2018), held meetings and seminars for hundreds of women empowerment and women’s self-respect (2019), provided food and relief arrangements for hundreds of flood victims of Maharashtra (2019), organizing ration distribution programs for the poor from time to time, Analysis and training program on social development and policies for 30 teachers in Pune (2018), Periodic debate on social issues and Free services for justice of hundreds of poor people in Mumbai, More than 200 youths have been linked with the Reform Center under the de-addiction campaign (2019), Special campaign and lawyer facilities for the release of innocent prisoners, Participated in various movements going on in the country and manipulated political issues.

By the way, Deepak Saraswat is a film writer, producer and director by business, who has made many television ads and series. He is the owner of the Media and Entertainment Company – Namaskar Group, which is involved in media, film and ad production, events. Deepak is a good speaker and poet, he is called in many rallies and meetings.
Deepak Saraswat has been conferred with many honors such as ‘Samaj Bhushan’ Sahitya Veer ‘Prakhar orator’ ‘Police Maitri Samman’ ‘Best Director’ ‘Maharashtra Gaurav’.

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