Deep Mind cracks 50 year old problem of protein folding

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deep mindDeep mind is an AI group. Recently the group has cracked around half a century earlier problem. The researchers and scientists were trying to build up the solution protein fold but were unable to get it. This artificial intelligence group Deep mind has now cracked the issue with its technology. The group with its research laboratory showed protein fold  in a 3-D experience.  With Alphafold company they tried to show the whole process. Taken under point, they explained whole biological machinery of life.

While all this was going on, when asked Deep Mind stated right now all will focus on Sleeping Sickness, Leishmanias, Malaria. Deep mind’s founder and chief executive Demis said it is a great to work on this. He also said that the algorithms that are used by them are going to help in many scientifically challenging problems. Deep mind  is populous for human trouncing programs which did achieved the supremacy in Chess, Go and more. But this was never their aim to work on. Instead such games provided an experience and created the ground for real world problems.

Protein folding has been great challenge since 50 years and more. Moat of the biological processes undergo with the help of protein. Along with all this, shape of protein also matters as it determines its function. They said as researchers will come to know how the protein folds, they can research over what it does. For an instance, they talked about insulin controlling blood sugar level, antibodies fighting the corona virus.

John Jumper is a researcher on the team of Deep Mind. He said that they really didn’t had any idea until they actually saw that Casp results. He said they came to know through this about how is their work progressing but they knew it’s not an end.

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