Srikrishna hacks Govt. portal site, sent to CCB custody – Bengaluru

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Recent resources have found that Srikrishna, a prime resident of Jayanagar, Bengaluru is being taken into custody by CCB, he has been accused of stealing 11 crore from the government portal site. It was the government e-procurement portal. CCB takes srikrishna under custody for 13 consecutive days. Resources said that he was a game poker hacker too. Srikrishna is a graduate from a college of Amsterdam in the Netherland. As he came back after completing his graduation he could not find any job. Under such circumstances, he started hacking gaming websites but used many such websites in order to steal the whole data.

Srikrishana created many mirror sites too. On sites if an individual used to enter the credit and debit card credentials and he used to steal money likewise.

When CCB started investigating towards International drugs racket they found about the accused. A police officer told that Srikrishna used to encrypt all the data. By creating these sites cheated many users and did fraus. He used to attack sites in such way for a long time. He helped the accused from the international drug racket. From purchasing to couriering the ganja and more, he did many criminal activities with the racket too. According to the officials right from the two past years he have been helping the accused in such ongoing criminal activities.

Apart from all these chaos, Srikrishna was helping the accused to organize many in house parties in several apartments, farmhouses, hotels and many other places. But in between all these a seperate case was registered against him for doing such not so viable criminal activities. Police is investigating whole case.

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