Coronavirus: Second wave, fear of infection outbreak, lockdown extended for 3 weeks in UK

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To prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Britain, it has been decided to extend the lock-down by 3 weeks. The Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said that unless certain special steps were passed, the lock-down would not be relaxed.

London: The lockdown in the UK has been extended for 3 weeks, given the risk of corona virus. Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has announced to extend the lockdown. He has said that the sanctions imposed so far have started to take effect but still cannot be relaxed. Raab has clarified that community transmission has not reached the danger level but has spread infection in hospitals and care homes. So far 103,093 people have been affected by Corona in the UK while 13,729 people have died due to Corona.

The government is also under pressure due to the threat to the economy due to the lock-down. However, while speaking to the press on Downing Street, Raab made it clear that this time of lock-down can be relaxed as much as it does not cause danger at this stage of the epidemic. Raab was addressing the press in place of PM Boris Johnson. Johnson is resting after receiving treatment for Corona. He said that to open the lock-down, it would be necessary to not pressurize the NHS, reduce mortality, come to the level of managing the infection, have a large-scale testing, and have PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) available and reduce the risk of the second wave.

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