Coronavirus: terrible conditions in America, death toll crosses 30,000

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The Coronavirus has killed more than 30,000 people in America. The number of people affected by infection has also crossed 6.5 lakh. Earlier, President Donald Trump said that now the epidemic has reached its peak and the situation will start improving from here.

New York: Corona virus has broken records of catastrophe in America. So far, more than 30,000 people have died due to COVID-19 infection. In New York alone, about 15 thousand people have been killed by Corona. With this, the death toll due to corona all over the world has reached 1,39,783. Given the situation in New York, the lockdown has been extended to 15 May.

According to John Hopkins University, so far 30,990 people have died in America due to Corona. The total number of infections in the country has crossed 6,50,833. The death toll from Corona in New York has reached 15,645, while 3,156 people have died in New Jersey. The lockdown in New York has been extended till May 15. Not only this, due to Corona in the country, the jobs of 52 lakh people have also been lost in the last week.

Things will be better now: Trump
Earlier, President Donald Trump claimed that the worst phase of the corona virus had passed in the country and he would announce guidelines to reopen the economy on Thursday. He had said in the press conference, ‘It is clear that our aggressive strategy is working. The battle continues but the data suggests that at the national level we have crossed the peak (the highest number or peak) in terms of new cases of corona. ‘ In fact, his claim was that now Corona cases will decrease.

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