Arti Singh says she used the time of pandemic for personal growth

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Arti Singh
Arti Singh recently talks about how she has been spending her pandemic era. Arti Singh says – “I am very happy that I got the opportunity to spend so much time at home since I did my first show ‘Mayka’. Now, I feel it was very necessary to spend time with my mother. I was working like a machine. I had been longing for this for years and for my personal growth this long break has been very important. More than anything else, I am feeling more grounded and peaceful.”

She continues and says – “I am a person who finds positive things in any situation — I did not get infected by coronavirus, my mother (65) got infected with corona and pneumonia and she recovered — so I just need to be grateful to God.

While actress Arti Singh do agrees that there has been loss during pandemic too, she states – “But then, work is not everything. I have not done shooting per say but digital work keeps happening — promotions and all. At the end of the day, anything that gets you money is work…that’s the bottom line!”

According to the sources, she haven’t been on any project since. Talking about this she says – “Offers keep coming but as such nothing that I really wanted to do. I am waiting for something really good which is of my capability. I just don’t want to take anything…bas karne ke liye nahi karna hai! There was a time I worked just for the sake of it. It’s better to give one hit rather than giving 15 flops.”

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