Amazon Daily App Quiz answers – December 10, 2020

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The most effectively growing e-commerce platform is now up with new and interesting daily quiz being conducting on their app itself. Also for today’s quiz, Amazon is praising winners with the ceramic dinner plates. And giving a tremendous chance to avail the prize. While to win the quiz a person need to answer five simple and common question based on general knowledge. Such quiz takes place daily on the Amazon app and it gives you a chance to win various amazing prizes.

While question in this will have four options with it to help you with the answers. The options will help you to get along the answers and get an idea for the same. All to be winners will be selected by the amazon via conducting a lucky draw. To become eligible for the lucky draw, participants have to answer all the five questions correctly correctly. Update is a requiring feature to avail for the participation. The quiz will remain live till 12 pm today.

Here are the answers of Amazon ‘s daily app quiz of December 10, 2020 –

1. The new movie based on the book ‘Black Beauty’ features which of these Oscar winning actresses as the voice of Beauty?
Kate Winslet

2. FutureSkills is a digital learning platform launched by which Indian organisation?

3. Who became the fourth player after Jimmy Connors, Roger Federer and Ivan Lendl to win 1000 ATP Tour matches?
Rafael Nadal

4. Name this animal

5. In which country is this famous pagoda located?

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