Zoa Morani recently talks about the initial setback of her career

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Zoa Morani

Zoa Morani recently talks about her initial setback of her career. Zoa further says – “I wasn’t being able to prove myself in my first film, I didn’t get the calls from the people I wanted to work with. It was upsetting when Bhaag Johnny in Bollywood didn’t work. I wasn’t getting the kind of roles I wanted and it was hard to deal with it and people were like why don’t you think of something else? It was massive mental pressure; I was at the lowest in my life, literally a phase when everything was going wrong”.

Zoa Morani further adds “Luckily for me OTT happened and I got Akoori (2018) and Bhoot Purva (2019). Web has definitely opened up so much more especially for actors like me… So many stories are being made and so many people are watching them”.

Zoa Morani is the daughter Karim Morani. She further tells about the “It doesn’t matters where you come from and who your parents are because your journey is yours and so is your destiny. Yes, I did get a launch but it was tough. Because my father didn’t want me to get into this profession. So, there was a lot of upheaval at home. And I thought I’ll prove myself to him with my work, but my career not taking off shattered my dreams. May be someone else’s journey is different, may be nothing is fixed but we all go through the same grind”.

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