You can also be fit without exercising with the diet plan of Nutritionist Anisha V Ranjan

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Anisha V RanjanDiet tips given by nutritionist Anisha V Ranjan are helping people to stay healthy. Nowadays, due to the Corona lockdown, many people are also very worried about their health. The reason for which is clear that if they are not able to do proper exercise, then it is affecting their body and health. Due to which people are gaining fat day by day.
Anisha V Ranjan recently clarified in an interview that just doing exercising only does not affect our body so much.

We can also keep our body healthy by taking proper food in right quantity. Also Anisha told that if someone is not in the habit of exercising and still he wants to keep himself fit, then he has to take special care of his food. They have to try that they eat right food in proper quantity. And the right choice of food will help them to stay fit.

Anisha V Ranjan is a Celebrity Nutritionist. More recently, she also shared a diet plan for Covid patients on her social media. Which also got many positive reviews. She told that this diet plan can be followed by patients suffering from covid-19 as well as ordinary people as it will help you in boosting your immunity.

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