Woman who raised the child from the age of ten became the mother of his child

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Woman married to her stepson

Woman Married to Step Son

Woman Married to Step Son: It feels very good to raise a child with your own hands and watch him grow from small to big in front of your eyes. If a woman raises a child from a young age, she will always feel affectionate toward the child. However, this time the story is about a woman who took this relationship to a new level and became the mother of a man’s child whom she had raised since the age of ten.

This story of woman has made international headlines.

Marina Balmasheva, 37, and her stepson recently gave birth to a baby girl, and she is now pregnant again. Her stepson is the person with whom she is in a relationship. The woman raised and called her mother’s child from the age of seven years, and when the child grew up, she became the mother of his child. This story has made headlines around the world.

The child was raised, and then his child’s mother, Marina, married Alexei Shavirin and raised his stepson from the age of seven in his home. Marina had adopted four children while married to the child’s father, all of whom now live with Alexei. During the marriage, Marina began a relationship with her stepson. According to the Mirror, their relationship began after Marina returned home for university holidays and separated from his father to marry his stepson. The couple had a 20-month-old daughter at the time.

Vladimir, his 20-year-old son, was in a relationship, which Marina ended and married with him, according to his father.

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