Why a fan called Kartik Aryan a prince

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Kartik Aryan is an actor who always accepts his fans on public and social media. With the current state of lockdowns in our country, the actor is missing his fans a lot, but he makes sure that he gets a lot of love and affection.

Karthik is very impressed with the picture made by one of his fans. In the illustration, Karthik Aryan appears in his lateral profile and a vibrant color is added to it. But the special thing about the picture is that there is a crown attached to the picture which is flying above his head.

Karthik Aryan soon reposted the click and captioned it saying, Crown. Now this is a hilarious caption. Heartthrob smiles looking at the picture in full, as he has also made it his profile picture on Instagram. It is a known fact that Karthik Aryan has his own distinct fan base.

There is a popular hashtag on social media, #HairLikeKartikAaryan, created by his fans. The actor is proud of his hair and has given a funny caption to the post where fans are calling him the new prince in Tinsel Town.

Well well, Karthik Aryan is the prince of hearts unknowingly and his recent actions in view of the coronovirus proves this fact. From his #CoronaStopKaroNa internet-breaking monologue to contributing up to Rs 1 crore to the PM Care Relief Fund, Hank has taken major steps to fight the epidemic and do his job. There is a reason why he called National Crush and he proved it again and again for us.

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