Who is Arishfa Khan Boyfriend Now and her Net Worth in 2021 ?

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Arishfa Khan Boyfriend nowArishfa Khan Boyfriend Now and Net Worth 2021 Arishfa Khan aka Arshifa Khan is an Indian television actress who started her career in TV industry with the serial Ek Veer Ki Ardaas.. Veera. Where she played the young Gunjan. Arishfa then did some tv commercials as well. She was very much into acting in TV serials, TV commercials and modelling that time. But then an application named TikTok came into market and young kids and people started making short videos on the same. The same, Arishfa started making TikTok videos and got popularity day by day. In the meantime she also started her YouTube Channel named Arishfa Khan Official.

There were rumors in the market that she was dating a guy named Danish Zahen who has passed away. Danish Zahen was a YouTube blogger and he was in to acting and modeling as well. After Danish passed away, there is no other name yet who got connected with Arishfa Khan. So, this is according to sources that Arishfa Khan may not have boyfriend in the current time and she is not dating anyone. Some people on social media connect her name with TikTok fame Adnan Khan.

Arshi Naaz is the name of her mother who has been seen in some of her videos. Her sister name is Arisha Khan who is also active on social media like Instagram. There is nothing confirmed about her net worth. But some news portals and websites claim that she earns from $1 million to $5 million.

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