What Sushant Singh Rajput brother Niraj Singh Bablu said on tampering with his diary

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niraj kumar singh bablu

It’s been a long time since we lost actor Sushant Singh Rajput. His brother Niraj Singh Bablu recently sent a legal notice to Sanjay Raut and demanded public apology within 28 hours. So we all know that Sushant was very fond of new things. He used to pre-plan things a very lot. He wrote his plan for 2020 in his diary which he wrote in 2018.  Some pages of the diary are becoming viral on internet. Now Sushant’s cousin Niraj Singh Bablu has said that he used to write the diary always, the police took all his diary in front of me and took it from Mumbai residence.

Niraj Singh Bablu is BJP MLA in Bihar. He said, “There has been some tampering in the diary but whatever is left in the diary has been found by the police. Sushant had made whole planning of his future which people are watching. He was very enthusiastic boy. He had done a long time homework that he had to go much further in the days to come.”

Niraj told that we are already saying that he was a Hollywood material. He performed his art accordingly. In the coming days, we believed that he would go to Hollywood and it was clear from his diary. He has made it very clear in the diary that he was perfectly fine. How can he promote himself? All things are coming to the fore.

Regarding the demand for CBI investigation, Niraj Singh Bablu said that millions of fans are constantly demanding CBI investigation. We are demanding since when we were in Mumbai itself. When we returned from the cremation of Sushant, it was being suspected that he couldn’t suicide. There is some conspiracy in this. That conspiracy is now coming to the fore.

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