Vishnu Vishal ‘s neighbours allege he created ruckus

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Vishnu Vishal

Vishnu Vishal has been on the headlines since a few members of his society did complain against him for creating ruckus after consuming alcohol at his apartment. They did write a letter in which they mentions that he did invite a lot of friends at home for a party and been on creating a ruckus by playing loud music in the flat which did disturb them.

To about this Vishnu Vishal says – “Since the day I have come I am being accused by an apartment owner on the first floor. They have misbehaved with my staff, me and my guests who come to see me. It was my movie DOPS birthday. I had a small get together in my apartment. I have been off alcohol for my workout and body. But yes alcohol was served to the guests just like how any party has alcohol served and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Our privacy was invaded. I very politely spoke to the police. The owner used an abusive word and just like any human being. I am bound to respond to that I used some words back.”

His fiancee and shuttler Jwala Gutta also expresses over this matter and says – “ur work will answer all ur critics. The way u have evolved is showing not only in ur work also ur body and face. And it’s ur house which u pay for. No one has the right to question u whether u invite 10 or 100 or 300 for a house party! U don’t need to explain!.”

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