Vinod Kambli was offered a job by a Maharashtra businessman paying one lakh per month

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Vinod Kambli was offered a job by a Maharashtra businessman paying one lakh per month

Former Indian cricket team batsman Vinod Kambli financial situation is not good. His family is supported by a pension of 30,000 in a city like Mumbai.

A cricket player grows up in abject poverty. He didn’t have a suitable place to live. travels a great distance to study cricket. Not even a full kit was available to him. He can then travel to the IPL and the Indian team from here. We have heard a lot of similar tales. On the other hand, news about Vinod Kambli has started to surface over the past few days. The former star batsman of Indian cricket, Kambli, is having a hard time right now. While Kambli’s lifestyle was once a topic of discussion, his family now resides in Mumbai and receives a pension from the BCCI of Rs 30,000.

Vinod Kambli had made a job request.

In a recent interview, Vinod Kambli stated that his family is going through a very trying time. They urgently require employment. Kambli had made a request of the Mumbai Cricketers Association for a position. One of cricket’s all-time great batsmen, Sachin Tendulkar, was friends with Vinod Kambli as a child. In school cricket, both had gained a lot of notoriety. For India, Kambli’s career got off to a good start.

Received this job offer

Since the news broke, Vinod Kambli has been the subject of ongoing conversation. He has now received a job offer. He has received a job offer from a Maharashtrian businessman. Sandeep Thorat, a businessman, has also mentioned paying him a salary of one lakh rupees. Even so, this position has nothing to do with cricket. Kambli has been given the opportunity to work for the Sahyadri Industries Group in Mumbai’s finance division.

Awaiting Kambli’s response

The quickest Indian batsman to reach 1000 runs in Tests is Vinod Kambli. He played just one inning more than Sir Don Bradman did to reach the thousand run mark. He hasn’t reacted to the businessman’s offer thus far.

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