Vikas Khanna talks on Racial Discrimination and tells more about it

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Vikas Khanna
Master Chef Vikas Khanna is now a film director too. In a recently interview when asked how 2020 treated him, about this he says –  “2020 was hard on everyone. It was a tough year to endure. I think the pain, isolation, chaos hunger…also the failure of almost every government to cope with the crisis has broken all of us. Here in New York where I live, the hospitality industry was shut down. That meant all the major events I had planned had to be cancelled. Everything fell apart. And then we realized one thing”.

When asked about segregation and isolation, Vikas Khanna says – “Racism, colorism, isolation, segregation are prevalent in the US. And it’s not easy for an outsider to find his way to the top. The competition is very stiff. I had to fight tooth and nail to get where I am. My friends say I’ve the thick skin of an elephant and the temperament of a poet. I succeeded because of my obstinacy. That scene in The Last Color where Neenaji and the little girl are not served samosas in a roadside dhaba did not happen to me in India. But I experienced it in the US”.

He further adds and speaks about his future plans – “I normally release 4-5 books a year. In 2020, it was not possible because of the pandemic and my campaign, Feed India. Next year we may launch more than 4-5 books.”

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