Vice President Election: Margaret Alva talks this about Mamata Banerjee

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Margaret Alva talks this about Mamata BanerjeeThere has been a commotion in the nation surrounding the Vice Presidential election since the Presidential election. Margaret Alva, a vice presidential candidate for the opposition, referred to the ongoing arguments within the non-BJP camp as a “family feud” on Saturday. According to Alva, the opposition is attempting to come together for the challenge of 2024. Alva said that the opposition does not support a one-party system. Both democratic institutions and the constitution must be safeguarded.

Former governor Alva claimed in an interview with the news agency PTI that the “tragedy” of today’s democratic system is that the will of the people does not prevail and that the makeup of the elected structure is altered by use of arms, monetary pressure, and threats.

In response to the frequent disturbances in Parliament, he said that this was due to the Speaker’s “inability” to negotiate deals that take the opposition’s viewpoint into account.

Regarding dynastic politics, Alva stated that there is nothing improper with politicians’ offspring entering the field, but they must first gain the support of the electorate. Alva added that she was “shocked” by the Trinamool Congress’ choice to not run for vice president because party leader Mamata Banerjee is organising an opposition-unifying agitation. Alva asserted that she is unable to support the BJP’s victory. There is still time for Mamata Banerjee to reconsider her mind.

Let us inform you that Margaret Alva, a candidate for the opposition, will face Jagdeep Dhankhar, a candidate for the ruling NDA, in the vice presidential election on August 6.

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