Uttar Pradesh Government Allocates Rs. 169.4 Crores for Railway Overbridges and Flyovers

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Uttar Pradesh Government Allocates Rs. 169.4 Crores for Railway Overbridges and FlyoversIn a significant move to enhance transportation infrastructure in Uttar Pradesh, the state government has approved a budget of Rs. 169.4 crores for the construction of three railway overbridges (ROBs) and seven flyovers. These projects are aimed at improving connectivity and easing traffic congestion in various regions across the state.

The allocated funds will be used to facilitate the construction of ROBs in Prayagraj (Allahabad)-Varanasi railway route, Allahabad-Mughalsarai railway section, and Bagpat, which lies on the Delhi-Saharanpur railway section.

Additionally, several flyovers are planned in different parts of Uttar Pradesh. The projects include a flyover on the Sondebans Road in Saharanpur over the Yamuna River, a flyover over the Ganga Canal in Muzaffarnagar, another one in Fatehpur, and a flyover over the Tons River in Prayagraj. Furthermore, flyovers will be constructed on the Rath-Panwari Road in Mahoba, Nun Nala in Jalaun, and the Kuanon River in Basti.

Among the notable developments, Gorakhpur will also witness the construction of a flyover. The state government has allocated an additional Rs. 44.86 crores to complete the ongoing work on the Khazanchi Chowk flyover in Sitapur.

The Department of Public Works has expedited the planning and execution of these crucial projects, highlighting the government’s commitment to improving transportation infrastructure across the state.

These initiatives are expected to have a far-reaching impact, not only enhancing connectivity and easing traffic bottlenecks but also boosting economic development and facilitating smoother travel experiences for the people of Uttar Pradesh.

As these projects move forward, they represent a significant step in Uttar Pradesh’s efforts to strengthen its infrastructure and promote greater accessibility, ultimately contributing to the state’s overall growth and development. The government’s investment in these ROBs and flyovers underscores the importance of efficient transportation networks in fostering progress and connectivity within the state.

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