Urvashi and Pant’s “word war” reached new heights

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Urvashi and Pant's "word war" reached new heights


Urvashi and Pant’s “word war” reached new heights: The recent social media exchanges between Team India wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant and Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela have been intense. Various types of news have been published about these two in recent years, and both of their statements have come to the fore. However, after Urvashi mentioned Rishabh Pant in gestures in a recent interview, the two began a series of retaliation on social media. In fact, Urvashi Rautela stated in the interview that Pant once waited for her at the hotel reception for about 10 hours. On the other hand, what came out of Rautela’s mouth during the interview was seen on social media.

And because Rautela’s “bouncer” hurt Parpant’s ego, he didn’t take long to respond. However, following Pant’s counterattack, the two’s verbal battle has progressed to a new level. Pant has removed his response from social media, but Pant’s fans have taken the lead.
Simultaneously, the subject of entertainment has fallen into the hands of social media.

As is customary for creative artists, Pant’s supporters took on the responsibility of protecting his honour after removing his response from social media. Urvashi and Pant have very creative memes, and various lines are being answered.

You can see for yourself how amazing mimes are created.

Urvashi Rishabh Pant

This Pant fan believes Rautela made a mistake by teasing Rishabh Pant.

Oh! Pant removed his post because of this

The memes gang is overjoyed.

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