Urfi Javed made such a dress only skirt and no top, fans were shocked

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Urfi Javed In terms of fashion sense, Urfi Javed is difficult to compete with. Everyone’s head is baffled after seeing Urfi’s clothes every time she appears in front of the camera wearing something new. This time, Urfi appeared in front of the camera wearing only a skirt and no top. Following that, the actress struck such poses in front of the camera that you will be astounded to see. The actress’s new look is becoming increasingly popular on social media. Urfi is seen wearing a bold look while showing off her style.

Purple colored fabric

Urfi Javed appeared in this video wearing a dress made of purple cloth, which surprised her fans. Urfi is wearing a purple short skirt in this video. Instead of the top, the actress has wrapped the cloth in such a way that it covers the entire front side of her body.

Skirt with cords

Looking at Urfi Javed’s dress, it appears that she has wrapped the cloth around the skirt and secured it with cords. The unique aspect of Urfi’s dress is that it is braless. The actress’s dress is notable for the fact that she is supported by cords from head to toe. At the same time, Urfi has a hair bun and is wearing subtle makeup to complete her look. In addition, high-heeled sandals are worn.

Fiercely posed

Urfi Javed, wearing this dress, gave more than one killer pose as soon as she stepped in front of the camera. In which her fans are going crazy after seeing the actress’s style.


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