Trailer and Cruiser car collision, 10 people killed

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Trailer Cruiser carTrailer and Cruiser vehicle collided near Bawdi village of Napavali village panchayat in Nikumbha police station area on Nimbahera-Udaipur highway in Chittorgarh in Rajasthan on Saturday 7 of December. 10 (Ten) people died in the accident, while many people were also injured. The attempt to take out those trapped in the car continued till late in the night. All were residents of Tal village in Ratlam district in Madhya Pradesh and came to see Sanwaliyaji after having three marriages in the family. This incident occurred while attempting to overtake while returning.

Preliminary information has revealed that Shivranlarayan’s son Shivnarine and daughter Hawakunwar were married on 7 December on Saturday, a family from Tal, in Ratlam district. Satyanarayan Malaviya of the village was married on 11 December. The three couples, including family, came to see Sanwaliya ji on Saturday. In an attempt to overtake while returning, the trailer engulfed the cruiser vehicle. The high speed car entered the trailer. There was a scream after the accident.

The car was so caught in the trailer that JCB had to be called to evacuate the dead and injured. Passengers who reached the spot after the accident informed the police. On the information of the incident Nikumbh Police Officer Vinod Menaria Maya Gupta reached the spot. The police, with the help of the people, tried to evacuate those trapped in the cruiser. Out of these 4  people have been evacuated and some people are still stranded. Chittorgarh SP Deepak Bhargava has also reached the spot.

All the cruiser riders were returning to their areas after attending the family ceremony from MP. The condition of the injured also remains critical. On the information, the police, with the help of local people, the people trapped in the car and the dead were taken to the hospital.

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