Taapsee says I don’t allow myself to get provoked by trolls

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Taapsee has been active on Social Media for quite long. Talking about the trolls and her experiences over those, she says – “Social media gives everyone  a certain power which not everyone is equipped to handle sensibly. A lot of them use it the wrong way.” She feels the freedom for free-speech  is being misused. “Since it’s a free country anyone can say anything, and the limits of how far one can go are not specified.”

She says that she tries her best to not to react on any social media troll. Taapsee adds – “But I guess it’s human to get provoked. Most  of the time I don’t allow myself to  get provoke. The alarming thing is, there’s so much of the toxicity one just  gets used to it and immune to. I don’t know whom  it’s more unfortunate for that I’ve gotten so used to the  toxicity that it doesn’t affect me  any more.”

Taapsee says – “I just feel like laughing sometimes  at the whole circus. But then  it is so sad  and  strange that people have so much  bitterness in them and they are living with the  bitterness all the time”. Taapsee’s  family  does get affected  by  all the  negativity. “It does  affect  them because they are  not part of  the entertainment industry . They are not used to it. But  it is  a part of my life and  they will have to get used to it. I have  had conversations  with  my family on this matter.”

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