Taapsee Pannu : I feel scared when people say she is at her best career

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Taapsee Pannu
For actor Taapsee Pannu this year is being on a professional high. Movie Thappad came on the floors in February and made a good box office collection. While, as soon as lockdown gets over, she was back to her work. Taapsee Pannu does have many thing to explore and work on. She do not consider it as purple patch. Talking about this, she says – “Because patches last for a limited time. I am very scared when I read reviews and people say ‘she’s at the best of her game’ or at her career best. It’s scary because then you feel there is going to be a decline. If you reach the peak, the only way ahead is to come down, and that’s a crazy thought.”

Talking about her choices are getting validated, she says – “People see me in three-four films a year, sometimes (I almost think) people might get too bored of me, or too much of me. If you are coming so many times, you have to make sure that your content is different from the other, and people don’t really get bored. Whatever you do should be different from what you have done before, otherwise you might just get too monotonous for people. But the fact is none of them are worth dropping!”

On re- releasing of Thappad she says – “I was not thinking just about myself and my film. I wanted to think more from my audience’ situation. I was like why don’t we release those films which people don’t watch anymore, like old classics? Thappad had recently released, and people who didn’t watch it in theatres watched it on OTT or television. It was too fresh in the minds of people to see.”

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