Sonu Sood started this campaign to help the needy in his father’s name

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Celebrities from all corners of the world are currently coming forward to give their support to fight the coronavirus epidemic. From fund raising to supporting healthcare workers on the front-line – they are doing all they can to the best of their ability.

After providing its Juhu Hotel in Mumbai for accommodation to doctors, nurses and para medical staff, B-Town star Sonu Sood has now launched a special food and ration drive to help the needy.

 Sonu has started the initiative in the name of his late father, Shakti Sagar Sood, who aims to feed more than 45,000 people in Mumbai on a daily basis. The food and ration drive is being called Shakti Annadanam and is very close to his heart.

The actor feels that it is extremely important to help and feed people as it is the need of the hour and sadly how many people do not have food. This is not the first time Sood has helped the public in his father’s name. Even before this, he has fed people in different Gurudwaras.

 Talking about the same, Sonu Sood said in a statement, “Right now we are all together in these difficult times against coronoviruses. Some of us have access to food and shelter, but there are people who have not eaten for many days. This time is really difficult for them. To help these people, I have started a special food and ration campaign in my father’s name, which is being called Shakti Annadanam. I hope that I will be able to help more and more people. “

 We are sure that with this heart touching step, Sonu Sood is not only providing food to the people, but is also winning the hearts of crores of people.

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