Sonu Sood says, In 2021 Knee Replacement For the Aged is Going to Be His Priority

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Sonu Sood
Sonu Sood’s next big priority is to help maximum aged persons for optimum knee replacement. He feels it is the most neglected area under medical attention. No wonder Sonu Sood is the most recognized Indian in 2020. He genuinely cared for the needy and distressed all throughout. He accompanied the longest knowing journey of such pandemic.

Sonu Sood feels that aged are being neglected until they experience some serious issues over health. He says it’s simple to understand, parents are someone who taught you to walk when you were a kid and now it’s your duty to make their life worth living and can walk. He stated that he want to facilitate the optimum knee replacement surgeries and this is going to be his priority in 2021.

He shares that people tell him why to waste money on knee replacement when the same resources could be used for the heart operation of babies? He acknowledged that this mindset is need to be changed and youths should stop making the aged feel neglected from the society.

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