Sonu Sood reacts on him getting offers for new roles

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Since whatever is being happening during pandemic has turned Sonu Sood an internet hero. Some are also addressing him as the real life hero. Sonu has been helping many migrants. And everyone is addressing him to be the savior for all. Sonu sood have been entertaining us all since many years on the big screens. He has been playing many characters these years and portraying all of them very amazingly. As the pandemic starts the lockdown begun to persist in 2020. Meanwhile, there were many migrants who were facing issues in going back to their families. They have been addressing too many issues. In such time of pandemic, Sonu Sood came as an real life hero to each and everyone who were facing problems to get along with their family members at such time.

He saved several lives and people are thankful of him doing such wonderful job. He recently states that since then he was getting new and totally different role, he has been offered many roles which are larger than life, and real life hero roles. Sonu addresses that he have to make sure that he works according to people’s expectations and do justice to the roles people have been offering him. He says that this lives too much responsibility on him.

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