Sonakshi Sinha recently opens about the Social Media trolls

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Sonakshi Sinha opens about the Social Media trolls. She says that it is important for people to get aware for the consequences of their comments, remarks and attacks. Sonakshi Sinha states that this year has really somewhat been difficult for everyone.

She says – “A lot of people have been frustrated and angry. And I feel some of that just came out on the internet. And it was very misdirected on a lot of people, for no reason people were being attacked. People say really nasty things on the internet because they think they are anonymous. So that’s when I kind of decided that you know what, they need to be aware of all the harm that it can cause, what it comprises of, are they doing it knowingly or unknowingly, it’s just something I feel like I wanted to help in any way which I could.”

When asked for her reactions over trolls, Sonakshi says – “Earlier I used to be like why are they doing this, it’s really not cool, it used to rile me up. But then I started replying to a few and I realized that this is what they want. They want the mention of a name or their two seconds of fame that they will get on the internet. Then I kind of started avoiding that also.”

Sonkashi elaborates saying that – “I don’t think there’s more of an insult to these people than being ignored. So that’s what I started doing. Then I started doing this campaign; if people are too harsh and too obnoxious and when there are threats, if there are people just attacking you in different ways, then there can be consequences, it’s a crime and they can be bought to justice.”

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