Smita Patil ‘s son pens a heartfelt note on her death anniversay

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smita patil
Smita Patil was a populous actress and great performer. Recently actress’ son Prateik Babbar pens a heart felt note on Instagram on Smita Patil’s 34th Death anniversary. He pays tribute to her Mother late Smita Patil. She was a legendary actress. Prateik Babbar says that her mom fitted in every single role she use to play. And never gave up on life. He addresses that her mother was the perfect woman. Prateik states that Smita Patil was someone, every single child will idolize. He says that he had a dream to grow up like her mother and be like her mother. She passed away too earlier.

While writing and paying tribute to her late mother, actor Pratiek Babbar writes – “34 years ago today my mother left us.. over the years.. iv tried to imagine & create the perfect image of her.. in my mind & heart.. we’ve arrived at a very special place.. a very precious place.. now.. she’s the perfect mother.. the perfect woman.. the perfect role model.. the apple of every little boys eye.. that perfect mother every little boy idolises.. & wants to grow up to be like..”
“the one that will never leave your side.. & stay with you.. #4ever.. till the end of time.. & every year.. she grows younger.. with me.. she’s 65 years young now.. she will continue to live with me.. within me.. to infinity.. & beyond..” Further ending it with good note he writes “my beautiful.. mama queen.. my reason.. numero uno.. my #superstar #legend rest in #love.. in #power.. in #paradise.”

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