Vinay Aditya Roy is coming back again, this time as singer

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Vinay Aditya Roy
Singer Vinay Aditya Roy

Today we have brought to you a few things about the next project of Singer Vinay Aditya Roy, who started his career as a line producer with Zee Music Company. If someone starts dreaming, he somehow reaches those dreams, just for that he needs to work very hard.

Now if you are from a small colony in a small town like Aligarh, and have your name as a line producer in Zee Music Company’s projects, then obviously this thing will be big for you. And then to make this good start a very big, you will also work hard.

                In the same way, after the first project came, he started working hard and started thinking how in his next project he could make reach the art of his singing to the audience. And he soon got the next project about which he revealed that he is making a Bollywood entry as a singer from his next album Song.

         Song Chaal Ghazab released by Zee Music Company in the year 2019, Vinay Aditya Roy who has line produced it, is actually a good singer. And soon you will listen his beautiful voice. Vinay Aditya Roy is a native of Aligarh. He revealed that his next project song was to be recorded recently but due to Covid-19, the date of recording has been extended further. He will record the song as soon as the situation is normal.

      He also named the music director of the song, saying, “The music director of my upcoming album Song is ‘Rox A’, ‘Rox A’ is a very talented music director, I am fortunate to have my first song with him as he gave many famous songs to the industry like Yaari, Teri Naar, Relation etc. Looking at the lyrics of this song, I am sure that you guys are going to like this song very much, and you are going to be touched by the song.”

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