Shilpa Shetty’s leg fractured during the shoot

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Shilpa ShettyActress Shilpa Shetty posted a photo of herself with a cast on after suffering a leg injury while filming her future project. Shilpa uploaded a picture of herself sitting in a wheelchair inside a hospital on Instagram on Wednesday. As she turned to face the camera, the actor could be seen grinning. Currently, Shilpa is filming the web series Indian Police Force.

In the photo, Shilpa extended her damaged leg forward while making the victory sign with both hands. The actor was dressed in blue jeans, white slacks, and a white T-shirt. Shilpa wrote in the description, “Roll camera action, ‘break a leg,’ they yelled. I read that as literal.”

She continued, “I’ve been out of commission for six weeks, but I’ll be back soon and stronger. Dua mein yaad rakhiyega until then (Keep me in your prayers). Prayers are always effective. Shilpa Shetty Kundra, thank you.” Her sister Shamita Shetty responded to the photo by saying, “My munki strongest.” Additionally, followers wished Shilpa a speedy recovery in comments.

Shilpa Shetty

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty recently shared a clip of a battle scene from his first web series. A behind-the-scenes video featuring Shilpa, Nikitin Dheer, and Siddharth Malhotra, among others, was posted by Rohit on Instagram. The performers, director, and crew could be seen in the tape filming an action scene. Beginning on the first floor of a remote building, Sidharth punched the baddies before hurling them into a water tanker.

Shilpa then appeared on the scene, breaking a glass wall as she engaged in combat with a group of thugs until Nikitin showed up and engaged the remaining ones. “Pure desi Hindustaani action (Pure Indian action),” Rohit wrote.

The latest film in the director’s shared police universe, which also includes the Singham series, Simmba, and Sooryavanshi, will be Indian Police Force. The new drama will be available on Prime Video. A crucial part in the project will also be played by actor Vivek Oberoi.

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