Santy Sharma shared the poster of his next song Black Heart

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Santy Sharma New Song Black HeartOften we get to see the posters of such songs or songs, which are very different and unique from others. It is only after seeing them that it is known that according to which mood this song or its poster can be.

Similarly Rapper and Singer Santy Sharma put out a new poster post on his Instagram account announcing his new song “Black Heart”. As seen in his Instagram post, the song seems to be a very unique concept. We did not get to see such a poster of any singer’s song. Black Heart Song will be out from Santy Sharma’s YouTube channel on August 25. Previously santy sharma has launched many unique concept songs like Choco Moko and Gangsta. This songs were based on Indian hip-hop music where santy has collaborated with famous Indian rappers Nazz and Nitesh aka Nick.

Ever since the poster came out, Santy Sharma’s fans and internet users started giving their feedback through comments on the poster. One user wrote, “Wishing you all the best for the new song and wish you a lot of progress”, another user wrote, “This song will create a ruckus”.From The poster of Black Heart, Seems like it could be a sad or a romantic track. Prior to this, most of Senty’s songs were hip hop and rap songs. Well, santy sharma is once again going to make a presence among the people through “Black Heart (Kala Dil)” and through the caption in the post, he has appealed to the people to give love to the song as much as possible.

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