Salman Khan finds Bigg Boss in his Panvel farmhouse during Coronavirus Lockdown

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Salman Khan has been at his Panvel farmhouse since the beginning of Coronavirus Lockdown and is making creative use of this time. Now Salman has started making his farm house look like Bigg Boss house.

Talking to the media about this, he said that “Right now, this place is like Bigg Boss house. It looks good with everyone around because no one can be eliminated from home, so no one is left behind. I am taking time to paint and am doing a lot.

During the Quarantine, Salman wrote a song titled ‘Pyar Karona’ on the current conditions of Covid-19 and the song will be released today. Salman said, “We came here for only two days, but when the lockdown is implemented, we have been staying here for a long time.”

It has been almost a month now. In a situation like this, we cannot shoot a film here, although we are so many together at home. But we can certainly make a song using the devices we have such as phone cameras. “

“I sang the track and we edited the video here, but the music was composed in Mumbai. The lyrics are exactly what I want to tell the world – love, help, have patience. He has penned the song with Hussain Dalal and the music is composed by Sajid-Wajid. “

Not only this, Salman has written two more songs during Coronavirus Lockdown, which will be released soon. In addition, the actor is painting and plans to show it to everyone later.

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