Saasha Shyam Ramsay Comes Up With Her New Horror Film Motel

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Saasha Shyam Ramsay film MotelThe shooting for the next horror film ‘Motel,’ directed by Saasha Shyam Ramsay, was begun on Saturday in Mumbai. The film, directed by Seema Shrivastava, also stars Zuber K. Khan, Garima Singh Rathore, Maninee De, and Sharad Kumar.

According to director Saasha Shyam Ramsay, the film does not include the customary ugly faces or strange camera angles to scare the viewer. “This film is about everything I’ve learned from my father, Mr Shyam Ramsay, the genre’s torchbearer. I am sincerely attempting to replicate the charm my father established, and I want to treat Ramsay fans as if they were from another period, while humbly awaiting the embrace of new age audiences “Saasha adds.

Sharad Kumar, an actor, believes that the horror genre is quite popular in India. “Horror is largely about the emotion of terror, not merely ghosts. I don’t understand why A-list celebrities avoid the genre.”

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