Romanticc Tukde, an article of screenplay, says writer, Shahzad Ahmed

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Soon to be released social drama film ‘Romanticc Tukde’ is no ordinary film. Set in the backdrop of how people once used to flock in cinema halls to watch their favorite films, ‘Romanticc Tukde’ is all set to take you to the nostalgia trip which will also present the sad realities of today’s cinema halls.

Writers of films Shahzad Ahmed has also penned down the script of ‘Romanticc Tukde’. Along with the director Varadraj Swami, He is quite sure that once the film releases people are going to like the film because of the captivating storytelling and engrossing screenplay of the film which is deeply rooted in our social milieu.

While talking about his next release ‘Romanticc Tukde’, writer Shehzad Ahmed says, “In our country films are being made on a large scale but hardly any film has proper and good screenplay and most of the time it is evident that the art of storytelling is quite missing in those films. Most of the films are filled and stitched together with multiple scenes rather than having a good and nuanced screenplay.

You can count filmmakers on your fingers who have a brilliant sense of screenplay and storytelling. But whether we make feature films or short films, we make sure that we work hard on our screenplays before commencing the shoot. Good sense of storytelling in our forte. When stories are rooted in our culture and in our surroundings and when it is told in a way that people understand it easily, people instantly feel connected to such stories and such films often become successful”.

Interestingly, ‘Romanticc Tukde’ showcases the journey of Hindi cinema of the 90’s when people used to flock to cinema halls with their families and friends and housefull boards were seen quite often outside the cinema halls People used to struggle to get desired tickets so that they can watch their favorite films in theatres. The film showcases the journey of the golden era of the cinema of the 90’s. Sadly it also presents the fact and shows how at the latter stage the same cinema halls started getting shut one by one.

Directed by Varadraj Swami, the film is a social drama which in its riveting and dramatic story telling, also uses some of the very popular songs of that era which make the film quite musical in its presentation.

‘Romanticc Tukde’ star Pankaj Berry. It has been produced by Vijay Bansal and Priya Bansal, the melodious music of the film has been given by Tutul Bhattacharya while Piyush Mishra and Ketan Mehta have beautifully penned down the lyrics. Dr. Bhojappa Motiram Jadhav is an associate producer, Asif Khan and Weather Films have co-produced this unusual saga.

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