Rohini Singh: This Kannada actress injured in a car accident, hospitalized

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Rohini Singh Kannad actress
Kannada actress Rohini Singh

Bad news for fans of Kannada cinema actress Rohini Singh. She is seriously injured in a car accident on Thursday. She was also accompanied by Arpita, the daughter of Jai Jagdish, the famous actor of South Cinema. Rohini and Arpita have sustained injuries in a car accident.

According to media reports, Rohini and Arpita were coming from the birthday party on Thursday. They lost control of the car in Mavallipura, Bangalore. After which the car crashed into a tree. In this accident, the people present on the spot got them both admitted to the hospital.

Currently, Rohini and Arpita are in a stable condition and are expected to be discharged from the hospital within the next two weeks. At the same time, after knowing the news of Rohini’s car accident, her fans are expressing grief through social media and wishing for her recovery soon.

Let us tell you that Rohini is the daughter of famous producer- director Rajendra Singh Babu and sister of actor Aditya. Rohini started her film journey in 2011. Her debut film was Kantiriva.

She was accompanied by actor Dhunia Vijay in the lead role in the film. After the film Kantiriva, Rohini Singh has won the hearts of millions of viewers with her performances in many films.

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